Sunday, 7 February 2010

Play Date Cafe 15

First off, I know, it's not the best effort ever. I was umming and ahhing whether to post it or not and decided that okay I'd go with it - just this once.

This is my entry for the Play Date Cafe and all I can say is I'll do better next time. We're all allowed an off day haha. The colours chosen looked gorgeous this week. That was until I tried using them. There was nothing light in the palette to help offer up some contrast between layers so I had to introduce one myself. It all looked very dark otherwise. But it's not that which makes the card iffy, it's the assembly. Not my best effort and if I had more time I'd make it again but hey ho.

Right, off to tidy the wreck that is my art room of late. At the moment, it looks like it needs a bulldozer to clear it out.


Julie Ranae said...

Funny Paul, I felt the same way. I took a look at the photo and thought 'easy'...then I started to put them together...but I really like what you did and even though, for me, it doesn't have to be this week, you DO deserve day off once in awhile!

Eileen said...

Really rich colours, Paul, and you've made them work together - I know I'd have found it daunting to do anything upbeat with them.

(Just catching up on a bit of Sunday afternoon blog-hopping)


Anne Jagger said...

I like it Paul. X

Michele said...

So do I! :) Like the bold colours x