Friday, 5 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 5

Today's object has a bit of a confession about it.  In fact, to be more accurate, it's not an object, it's objects. And some of them have involved theft.

Don't ask me why but I have a glass bowl containing a collection of golf balls. As a regular walker around these parts, it is inevitable that some of the routes I trot along run alongside golf courses. And every now and again, I come across unclaimed golf balls which have been hit outside the boundaries of the course. And when I see them, the inner magpie in me has to pick them up. They're not always just lying in the middle of a path either. I've had to go foraging through muddy river beds, thorny bushes and trespass in order to rescue these little mites. And yes, I've nicked a few too. Well, in my defence, golfers & walkers have an inbuilt contempt for each other.

The white balls (for summer golfers) & fluorescent yellow (for winter) are rescued/found. The coloured ones (pinks, blues, purples) were a present from my brother one Christmas. I don't come across many of these tiny treasures which is why it's always a thrill to see one to pop into my pocket and take home. In fact, the latest addition was popped on top only a week ago. One day, no doubt, this bowl will be too small and I'll have to find another home for them.

Until tomorrow



JoZart said...

Mmmmmmm I've heard about pocket billiards!!

Justie said...

So, you collect golf balls? interesting are they just for show or doing you try and use them for projects?

Jodie Lee Designs said...

My brothers used to collect them too ... but to get some pocket money by offering them back to the golfers for a price :) ... can't see you parting with these though somehow!! Lovely little arrangement you have there! :)

Cath Wilson said...

He, he - not sure what to think of this one... x