Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 10

Whew! A third of the way through almost! And well, today's object(s) may at first glance seem a little bit on the ordinary side. True. I mean, who doesn't have a cupboard filled with an array of drinking glasses?

Most of the wine glasses and tumblers on display in this kitchen cupboard, are the cheap and cheerful brand, mainly because I do the majority of the washing up around here and ermmmm, I'm a tad clumsy with them. There are even a few plastic ones (but let's not linger on that).

Anyway, given that I have detected the "freebie" pattern in these posts already, the most notable glasses are the pots which hold pints. All of them recovered from within the lavender bushes in our front garden. That's because a while ago, before the recession hit, we used to have a pub at the top of the road and the drunks would deposit their glasses on their walk home. Whenever I came across these strays, I would run them all through our dishwasher and store them, ready for use by guests. We would drink out of them but we're not beer/lager fans. It's wine, gin, brandy and if feeling flash, cocktails (and yes we have glasses for those too but they were cropped out of the photo - they're on the third shelf on top). But we do have friends who enjoy buying their alcohol in cans, and it's important, or so I'm told, that they be drunk out of pint glasses. Even free ones.

Tomorrow's object is actually something we paid for, with proper money and all that! Also, though it's stored indoors some of the time, it's generally propped up in the garden.

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Cath Wilson said...

LOL, glasses! I gave most of ours to the Charity shop because we never used them! Only kept a few and my black stemmed wine glasses, which I can't bear to part with... isn't it amazing how we collect so many over the years? Looking forward to tomorrow's post x

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I've just gone back on your telling objects posts and passed an enjoyable half hour or so catching up. It was your dad's book that really took my eye - love old books - and the things you find in your garden - I should be so lucky, though I suspect that the hip flask might be stolen booty chucked over your fence whilst the thief, disturbed at work, made his getaway :)) Look forward to tomorrow's post. Elizabeth

mark gould said...

lol, loving the posts. who doesn't have glasses from the pub in their cupboards? Ok mine were not in my hedge in the morning ;) lol
thanks for the info on the plays etc, when I get my you know what in gear Ill drop you a line for a little more info.