Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 3

Day three and I bet you don't have one of these lying around your house. I swear by it and would be lost without one.  It's my memory bee

It's about the size of my palm, squishy & filled with beans. In fact it's like the kind of juggling balls you can buy for beginners. And it came to me in a kit I bought from a bookstore a long time ago called The Memory Pack (& yes I found it here on Amazon). I don't recommend the pack, so don't rush out to buy but I did keep the bee that came within.

In fact, you don't need this little fella and you may already have your own version of it. I keep him by my bedside because it's usually there, as I'm just about to fall into a deep sleep, that I suddenly think of something and want to remember it. I don't want to write it down or turn on any lights or generally wake myself up. So I reach for my bee and throw it across the floor. When I awake and see it, I know that I wanted to remember something and it comes back to me. I can then go off in search of pen & paper to make a note.

Same goes for if I'm luxuriating in the bath & I want to recall something once I'm perhaps nearer to a pen and paper. No bee in the bathroom so I usually skim soap across the floor so that once I'm dry, I see the sud bar where it shouldn't be and it all comes back to me. And if I'm out and about and I find myself without pen and paper, I remove the ring sitting on my index finger and place it my smallest digit. It just feels wrong and when I'm home, it doesn't take long before it's wrongness causes me to look down at it and recall the 'thing' I want to remember etc.

Who wants digital calendars, ipods, iphones & iCal when all you need is a memory bee?

Until tomorrow.



kjjc said...

ha. I'd probably forget where I put him.

Justie said...

cool looking bee, lol. Hope all is well in the U.K.

Anne Essex said...

Thats really cute. He sounds to have a tough life though!?!?! LOL!

JoZart said...

That's superb! I always have ideas as I drift into the Land of Nod and usually scrabble to find a pen in the dark then scrawl messages on my hand or arm. You should see the results... sometimes illegible! Must find a hardy bee or maybe I need an elephant!!!
Love jo x

mark gould said...

lmao, what a great idea, although i would probably forget about it and trip over it on the way to the bathroom in the night ;)
thanks for the comment you just left, The email linky thing is new so have no idea if or how it works.
thanks, mark #

Cath Wilson said...

Sounds like a great idea - I certainly need something - but I'm sure I'd still forget whatever it was I was supposed to remember and of course I'd forget to take it to bed in the first place, duh! xxx

J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

Hmmmm, I have never heard of doing this, but I am definitely no stranger to thinking of something in the shower or in the basement and forgetting it by the time I am up stairs or dried off. I might have to give this a try, though I fear I would probably pick the item up off the floor, curse the cat and go back about my business blissfully unaware that I was the one who had knocked the item off the bedside table.