Thursday, 4 October 2012

Telling Objects: Day 4

Today I have on offer, to present to you, a found object. It's a rather splendiferous hip flask and when I happened upon it and had a sniff of it's contents, I think it still contained the remnants of whisky. It's a rather long story but to this day, I have a subconscious reaction to that particular variety of alcohol and just the hint of it makes me retch.

However, I'm running ahead of myself. I said I found it. Now I could make up a lovely romantic story of being in woodlands or a beach somewhere but in fact, I came across it in our back garden. Someone had thrown it over our back wall (I assume) and there it lay until I looked out of the window and saw something metallic glint in the sunlight. I went to investigate and voila, a hip flask. I took it in, washed it thoroughly, inside and out and now it sits on a shelf atop our stairs. I love that it has an air of mystery as in whose was it and how did it come to be in our garden during the day. It has a nautical design on it and has the design of a port window. I don't live anywhere near the sea, so I doubt it was some drunk sailor passing by. Who knows?

Until tomorrow



kjjc said...

What a great find paul.How lucky are you!?!
To answer your questions from yesterday-no I am not at all musical and can't even sing in tune and yes the stamps are a set from Merly.

Michele said...

What a lucky find! I'm enjoying reading your stories about the objects around your house, especially the 'memory bee' one - what a great idea! x

mark gould said...

how very weird. I have that exact hip flask and it just resurfaced after a big clear out, its now in the craft room waiting for me to do something with it. Not sure why I even have a hip flask as Im not a drinker lol

cockney blonde said...

What a brilliant find Paul, thanks for sharing, x

Jodie Lee Designs said...

That is so cool! What a gorgeous vase it would make!

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, you should sit and write a story around that little flask - it could be brilliant x