Monday, 24 August 2015

Something I Haven't Done in a While

You will probably have noticed that I've taken a short break from blogging.  It was a conscious decision to just make stuff and dabble over the summer but not upload anything. I made a rule with myself, not to post again until September. But hey, I see a rule and it's not long before I break it.

And with good cause. I have done something this weekend, that I haven't done in a long while. Taken a crafty retreat. Yes, I have just come back from spending a few days oop north in Whitley Bay.

And it's all thanks to Shirley at Papercuts Ltd and Mark Gould, who was teaching two full day workshops. And if you ever get the chance to take a class with Mark, don't think twice. Sign yourself up straight away. If you like paint, mixed media and learning arty techniques, He's your man.

Saturday's project was a double-sided clock using a kit made from laser cut board. And boy we were worked hard. We had to slice, chop, paint, wax, paint, sand, stamp and so on, 24 pizza sliced shapes and two bases. Believe me, 24 triangular pieces is A LOT! Not only that but for some, there was the added pressure of choosing the colours to work with.  I have to say though that everyone's project looked superb and they were all very different. From my dark and graphic piece shown here, to the pale, white, French Shabby Chic designs of others and everything in between.

Come the time the workshop was supposed to end, we were feverishly brushing a coat of varnish onto our finished creations. Actually, some of us were returning Sunday to add the finishing touches, me included.

Sunday, I chose to leave around mid day to catch my train home so worked double time to create painted book covers. And I've yet to finish them. When I do, I will hopefully share.

So I have breathed fresh sea air, been soaked to the skin in heavy rain, spent a night watching lightning flashing above my bed, eaten the most delicious food, met the friendliest bunch of arty ladies, made to feel warmly welcomed by Shirley, and painted like a demon thanks to Mark.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!


Shirley A. said...

Awesome! What a way to spend the summer. Glad you are back!

Michele said...

Wow - that's fantastic! What a great way to spend a few days x

kjjc said...

wondered why the absence. I wish I could keep off the computer just for a few hours. Great projects and nice to have a break thats a bit different.

mark gould said...

Great pics Paul. Thanks si much for treking all the way. Great to catxh up and thanks for the support.

Neet said...

How fab is that? A workshop with Mark G and a clock to boot. I am so envious, have wanted to do one of his workshops for so long. Love your clock.
Hugs, Neet xx

alexa said...

Lovely textural feel to your clock ... and what a great few days which have pushed your creativity into blog-worthiness again :). Good to see you!