Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Trip to YSP to take Arty Photos

To treat ourselves at the end of the week, we took ourselves off once more to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It's a relaxing park to wonder around, usually quite quiet during the weekdays and we've never been in Autumn before.

It does have a larger than usual audience at the moment. On a wet, grey day, the car park, as we arrived was almost full. Now it could have been because it was lunchtime but to be honest it's these red ceramic poppies which are to blame.

For anyone who didn't manage to see them in London, there's a display entitled 'The Wave' which YSP are showing. And yes it's certainly an interesting display. The colour alone makes it stand out. The blood red poppies against the green scenery are a visual dream.

If it gave one advantage, it was that the rest of the park was mostly free from people. We had a walk around the lake largely to ourselves, which made the silence feel even more tranquil. Just us and nature.

I had my camera with me - of course - and I wanted to try out the AV setting and play around with shallow depths of field and Bokeh.

However I also managed to snap some arty shots too

And here I am sitting on (or is that within?) a piece of art

I think the poppy display is on until January. If it's your thing, I'd certainly recommend it. Just make sure you take a camera.


kjjc said...

gosh. what fantastic photos Paul. Love them especially the one of you at the end.

mark gould said...

Great pics Paul. I have heard of thisnplace but really must checkout out. Sadly I missed the poppies last year. This tribute looks beautiful

alexa said...

Hey, these are just wonderful! I love your leaf one especially. I'd love to see this exhibition, so thank-you for the heads up. There is the chance we might get a day away together in three weeks time, so we might just try and fit it in then. Is this a new camera?

Paul Browning said...

Thanks Alexa, hope you do manage to go there :) No, not a new camera, it's my same old DSLR. But I rarely use the AV & TV settings. I love the look of Bokeh so thought I'd use the day becoming used to having my camera on the AV. Mind you, the photos I've chosen for this blog don't show the effect lol. Shows that I'm a sucker for close ups in the main. x

Michele said...

Fab photos, Paul! Think I might have to have a visit there - I would love to see the cascade of poppies x

Richard Pettitt said...

Hi Paul, good to see you getting out to those sculpture parks and even climbing into the artworks! Fab arty photos. x