Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kate Crane Inspired Page

My first post of the year! Hope you all had a pleasurable break. I know, it seems a lifetime ago now. Who can remember it?

Anyways, I'm here with an art journal page. It's not the only one I've made in the last few weeks but it certainly is the only one I'm happy enough with, to share. Mostly because it's a CASE'd design from Kate Crane.

Over the break, I enrolled on Wanderlust, a year-long, online, art journal class. Week one is a series of videos by Kate showing her process for making pages for a mini album. Now I didn't want to make a whole album but I was quite happy to pick one of the pages shown and make my own version of it.

Yes it's a bit messier and freer in style than I'd like but I wanted to try making a page as instructed, in order to learn a different approach to mine. After all, I can now incorporate what I discovered in the process. Keep the aspects I enjoy and leave out the parts I don't.

After all, as I previously mentioned, left to my own devices, my pages are a hot mess and not fit to be uploaded to the web. At least when I'm following a class, I'm not too ashamed of the result.


alexa said...

What a great result! Witty too - would make a great card. Lovely to see you posting again and on such great form too.

Neet said...

Love your page, even if it is pink! I could get quite lost in it with all the different aspects you are showing. Love the circles and the white touches. Of course I have no idea what Kate has done as I have not gone on to Wanderlust as yet - far too busy with what is being scheduled for me at the moment too. Will have to try to get some more blogging done fro CHA first and foremost. Now how do I download from my phone? (Only kidding - I know a man who can do it for me).
Take care and see you when I get back.
Hugs, Neet xx

Michele said...

Fab - love it! x

Aaron Blazevich said...

I really love this, Paul! It looks great! Can't wait to see what else you make this year! :D