Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mission Inspiration - February 2016

It's February and time for Mike Deakin to hold another Mission Inspiration!

Now I won't lie. This page is my second attempt. My first try was certainly educational but aesthetically, not my cup of tea at all. It certainly won't be going on this blog lol. I'm trying to straddle that world between arty and designer still. I love me some clean and minimal but when playing around with ideas for art, I can sometimes find my efforts beginning to stray into cluttered.

Especially when the challenge looks like this

The idea is to add the ten challenges, in the order they are numbered. Ten different additions to a page can look fairly full, lets say. Brilliant if that's your oeuvre. But you know me, if it isn't graphic and clean, I'm not happy.

So I had a rethink and went at it again. It's not quite got there yet but it's a million miles better than it's predecessor. You'll have to take my word for it :D

My process was to add Dylusions paint, in red and yellow, with my fingers. Then I cut out the fella from an advert for Whey protein powder, into fragments and glued on. I cut a circle out of card and used this as a stencil to apply a thin wash of black gesso in the top right. Over this I applied texture paste through a bamboo stencil from Seth Apter. I dabbed a comb into orange paint and added to the right hand side. I die cut the hearts from a book page and glued on. I stamped my two text images in the bottom left. I added a yellow doodle over the circles. I cut out the three words from the same ad the fella came from. I loved the irony. Finally, the easy bit, I added a border using black patterned wash tape.

And it still manages to look clean. Phew!


kjjc said...

What a lt,of work went into this and yet as you say it still manages to look clean rather than grungy. Particularly like his chest!!!

Richard Pettitt said...

Excellent! I love the playfulness of this. 100% entertainment. :-) x

Neet said...

Love your explanation of how you achieved the end result. I am playing with a Wanderlust challenge in a similar way and wonder where it is going to lead me - love your red and yellow and surprised how you managed to retain that clean crisp look.
Hugs, Neet
ps did you get my email?

alexa said...

Intriguing to learn how you managed to fulfil all the criteria fir the challenge! Great to see you experimenting ...