Friday, 5 February 2016

Smash Book Page

Another week, another art journal page. It amazes me how slowly these things take to make. Don't read me wrong, I love making them. It's just that I have the perception that it will only take an hour, two tops, to make a page like this. In reality it takes around 5 or 6. Maybe practice and experience will speed up the process. Or maybe it's supposed to be slow. Maybe the point of it, the joy of it, is in the effort and time required to put into it.

And do I like the final page? No. Not yet. It's not perfect. It's anything but perfect. It's riddled in imperfections. The lines are not strong, confident ones. They look irregular, wobbly, diffident. Maybe in a day, week, month or year, I look at this page and love it. Just not right now. It's time to draw a line under it and move onto the next one. And yes I'll probably enjoy putting it together and still feel unhappy with the results. 

Believe me, the day I'm content with a page, I'll shout it out loud and proud :D :D :D


Neet said...

I imagine making a background like this takes hours - and you are so meticulous in your execution (unlike slapdash me). I love the strong bold colours, the strong lines that I see even if you don't - in fact I like this page a lot. If I was unhappy with it I would be putting my pen to some of the lines and thickening them up a bit to make them bolder but to be honest I like it as it is.
You are too critical of yourself.
Hugs, Neet xx (with a poorly leg)

Flo said...

Wowww!!!1 What a great work!!! I like it very much.
LG Flo

alexa said...

Such a lot of delicate and detailed work has gone into this - I'm a little sad to read of your dissatisfaction :(. But I guess that's what keeps you pushing through to keep bringing us more lovely work!

Richard Pettitt said...

Oh you are hard on yourself Paul! I think it's a bold, vibrant journal page. You enjoyed it too, which is half the point, surely. You could, if you wanted to, set a time limit to complete a page?