Sunday, 3 April 2016

Going for the One Layer Look

In the crafty world of the clean and simple, there is a challenge to make cards which consist of one layer only. Well, this is my interpretation. And yes, I've stretched the concept a little by layering up onto black card and mounting onto a backing card but what's the point in rules if you can't just bend them a little to get a nicer result?

Using Seth's drip die again, I cut into some thin paper, laid it over my card and beat it to perfection with Pickled Raspberry ink. You read that correct. Pickled. I've given up trying to read it as Picked. My brain adds the L and there's nothing I can do about it.

With mask still in place, I stamped a texture on top. I removed the mask, stamped one of Seth's circles in the middle and set about the rest of the design with a black pro marker.

As an experiment, it was fun to play and see what happened. And the result, whilst not perfect, doesn't quite deserve to be shown the inside of the wastebasket. However. Am I alone in thinking it now looks like a dripping eyeball?


Richard Pettitt said...

Dripping eyeball! That's exactly what I thought when it popped up on my screen. :-D

Neet said...

Love your Pickled Raspberry card! Yes, I too always say it with an L in the middle. You certainly like this die, can see I am going to have to buy one - now will they have it at weekend?
Hugs, Neet xx
ps bring your DC's when you come and we can play - I have the two bright sets said...

It's very striking! I am always amazed the things you do with dies ...