Saturday, 2 April 2016

To Become a Mixed Media Artist, You Must Do Just One Thing

Guess who's range of dies and stamps I'm still playing with? Well if you don't know, first of all, what rock have you just popped out from? Second, go read the last few posts.

Believe me, I'm certainly getting my money's worth. But that's not why I'm still using Seth's stuff. It's because I love the designs. I'm having all sorts of ideas. Usually, I buy a stamp etc, use it once and all inspiration in the well has dried up. With these artier designs, I keep coming up with ideas. I'm starting to impress even myself.

For this card, I had a scrap of die-cut black card lying around, created from the Coffee Ring dies. An experiment from the cards I made in the last post. Now I don't subscribe to the idea I hear a lot of creatives come up with of "I never throw anything away, it all get's used". Nope, if it's scrap, it goes in the wastebasket.

Don't read me wrong, I'm no money-bags who can happily waste supplies. I've just been crafting for long enough to know that the pile of scraps just builds and builds. A fraction may be used but what inevitably happens is that my craft space looks like a craft bin.

This time, however, I did find a use for the offcut. It was spared, because I did the one thing you must do to become a bona fide mixed media artist. The one thing you are contractually obliged to do, if you want to dare attach that label to yourself. I applied Crackle Paste.

Yup, that's the secret, my friends. Once you've crackled, you're in the club.

So I had my crackled offcut, I dabbed blue paint over the top and a good dollop of gloss varnish. I attached it to some other stamped and decorated card and because of it's zen like appearance, typed out and added the mot juste, Breathe.

You just wait, I'll soon be throwing inky shapes down onto my clean white canvases :D


Neet said...

Love it and need to get some of those dies. I thought I da one but it was just the diecut shape. Watch this space.
Hugs Neet xxx

Seth said...

How did I miss this one??? So happy to hear that the designs are inspiring you :-)