Thursday, 21 June 2012

Doodling the Tour Eiffel

I'm in a scribbling mood at the moment. I don't want to draw neat and tidy lines. I have an artistic fantasy of creating a page in my journal with just one large, scruffy scrawl. I want to press the pencil into the page so hard, that it tears into the paper. I think it might feel cathartic. It might help loosen up my creativity more. Kind of shake me out of my grown up beliefs about perfection. Once I've been childish and messy, then I can possibly move in a new direction and build upon it. But for now, I'll settle for scribbling.

I'm still in a creative limbo. It's a strange place to be. I have an idea in my head about where I want my art journals to go. But I haven't yet created a page which I think is totally me. Each page is ever closer but I have to keep practising. I'm motivated by my friend Neet, who is also documenting her discovery of a new creative talent and how she is progressing. In her case, it's Pan Pastels and I'm inspired by seeing the posts where she shares her pages. It's wonderful to see a blog where you can follow someone creatively growing with a new skill.

The page here is an attempt at layering colours and textures with acrylic paint glazes, stamps and stencils. The page sat in my book for a couple of days before I picked it up again. I spied a new book sitting on my desk, Doodling in French and decided to flick through the pages and try one of the drawings. In fact, I went for the doodle which adorns the front cover, that of the Eiffel Tower.

I had intended to lightly draw in pencil then go over my lines with a marker. However, I loved the look of the pencilled scrawl. It seemed to complement the style of the background. I tried adding lettering too but I think this needs a bit more practice. Or certainly a little more care and attention.

It's my better half's Birthday tomorrow. Not a special one but for a change, he's not in work. However, the forecast is for pelting rain and stormy winds. Not the kind of day for planning an outing. However we do have a meal out in the evening lined up with friends. And I've secretly taken in a package today which I ordered from The Cheeseworks. It's a hamper of three smelly cheeses.

Not everyone's cup of tea but perfect for the intended. The number of times I've had to sit on a train back from London with a rucsac packed with smelly cheeses, stinking out the carriage, is more than I care to recall. I've mumbled many an apology for the cabbagey odour that emanates haha. Which meant, on delivery of the hamper, I've had to wrap it in several plastic bags and hide in a, tightly sealed box. So far, there's no whiff to give the game away. We'll see tomorrow whether he guesses his present before it's unwrapped. As for reading this blog, there's no fear. He's never read a word of it, to my knowledge lol.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone. If it's as rain-soaked for you as it will be back here, you'll certainly be busy creating and crafting to pass the time away.

Have Fun. Pxx


kjjc said...

poo that book looks interesting Paul. \Any chance of a looks at the july crop?Hope you have a good day tomorrow. It is my OH birthday today but he prefers to spend it with Bruce Springsteen than me!!!

Frank Garcia said...

What a wonderful sketch, and what fun cheesy fun for your friend Paul, OH I love the title of that book, looks interesting too!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend miss ya!


Michele said...

Fab sketch. Hope you're enjoying your day off together, despite this horrible weather. x

Neet said...

La Tour Eiffel looks interesting Paul and I must say I have never inspired anyone before so take that as a and compliment. Had not a clue your lovely comments had hidden messages.
Hope Nick has had a wonderful birthday, completed and complimented with his smelly cheeses. You made me smile as I thought of you on the way back from London stinking the carriage out.
Have a lovely evening and don't forget to blog about it so we can all share in the revelry.
Hugs (and thanks) Nxet xx

olive said...

ohhh likey, likey. its good to try different things. otherwise life would be soooo boring.

just ordered the book!!!!! xxx

JoZart said...

Well that's a selfless thoughtful gift for Nick and it sounds as though it's not one you care to share.... I'd love it! I really do like your Tour Eiffel and it would make a good stamp!
I realised after intending to thank you I got carried away with writing other things and missed my words of thanks for my lovely card. (must be age!). Thanks so much for remembering me and you are now in the blog display of received gems but have ended up alphabetically last!!
Have a great weekend and Hippy Burpday to Nick,
Jo x

Kory K said...

I love it! I want that book, too!

I'm having trouble imagining how the cheese smells- or how it can smell THAT strongly. I'm just white trash from Oklahoma, you know... our cheese comes in slices and wrapped in plastic and has no odor whatsoever. lol


alexa said...

That's a great title for a book! Especially if you can nibble cheese as you read it ... I really like that Tour Eiffel too. Has a sultry look ...

Cath Wilson said...

Yum, cheese and the Eiffel Tower - scrummy. Love the doodle and the book looks SO interesting but your page looks great.. just wish I could see more. Hope the cheese was enjoyed x
PS thanks for posting - I had the wrong blog linked to you on mine - no wonder I've been missing your posts! So glad to find you again x