Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thanks for Everything Card

Hello once more Dear Ones

I put aside some time last night to just play around and guess what? Yes, I made another card. Again, it's bright and colourful. And it proved not to be as easy as I first hoped it might be to piece together. However, having tried it, the next time, I'll go about it differently.

It began life as a Lil Inker Die  - Pieced Chevrons. Now I have to admit to being a tad wasteful and actually cutting out from eight sheets of card, full size. I realise now in hindsight that I should have cut out thin strips and laid them over the die instead. Just wide enough to cut one line of chevrons.

How do I know this? Well although the pieces all look the same shape and size, they aren't. The card doesn't stand up to scrutiny as the pieces didn't always fit back in perfectly.

Well, you live and learn. I have a few more of these background dies to play with, so I could do with fine tuning how I go about using them.

But before I pick up a sheet of card again, I really need to finish off a project I'm currently working on (or should that be playing?), involving wool. And no it isn't knitting. :D


kjjc said...

Gosh. This is gorgeous. So bright and happy. Love it

Shirley Davis said...

It is really bright and cheerful, and from here, there are no imperfections at all. It's a good idea.

Gypsy said...


Gabby said...

Fab, fun, colorful card Paul! Like it lots! You can always use the pieces on another card, right? :) I wonder what other fab cards I've missed? I have not received a blog post from you for a very long time. I think it might be feedbitz as other blogs aren't arriving either. :(

alexa said...

It has oodles of oomph and zing, Paul - and I cannot imagine how much time and careful work this must have taken!

Michele said...

What a gorgeous, colourful card - love it! X

Neet said...

That is lovely and bright - the perfect foil for the sentiment. Oh dear, such glaring errors NOT!! I can't see any imperfections at all. It looks perfect to me. (and I've scrutinised LOL).
Happy (dumfing?)
Hugs, Neet xx

Monika Reeck said...

Brigt and happy color and great using the DIE the sentiment in white and black too..great card as are you it was long time ago seen you on my Blog post..hope to see you more often..big hugs from Munich. Monika