Sunday, 20 September 2015

When Is It Finished?

I've been slowly making more art journal pages. Or at least it's a slower process than, say, creating CAS cards. As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been making my pages on individual sheets of A5 card, rather than in a book. Mind you, having seen Neet's comment, I may try and brave going back to my journal.

This first page was just a way to play with Liquitex spray paints. I bought three cans and wanted to experiment, see what they are like to use, stamp onto and draw on. Hence the big red splat over a light spray of blue & purple. The red shape looked like it could complement a heart stamp I had. And then, unoriginally, I thought I'd stamp the word 'heart' underneath. However, as I was trying to place the letters, the words He & Art came to light. A happy accident. I used a white pigment ink for the 'He' part which didn't stamp onto the page as evenly as I hoped. Hence why I outlined it. The black ink worked a lot better and to maintain unity, I outlined that too.

This next page was again, trying out materials and techniques. I wanted a subtle dark border but it wasn't working out and in the end, it became darker & darker until I finally covered it in black. I was stuck as to how to fill the middle and just drew in the first thing in my head, Not Your GBF. I used Posca paint pens to fill the letters in with green and yellow.

All I can see are the imperfections still. And I'm learning to accept that it looks unfinished, it looks wrong and it has mistakes. Move on. Besides, I'm only playing. I'm learning. Trying out ideas and materials. It's not the time to judge and attempt to make good art. Not yet.


Richard Pettitt said...

I am loving these experiments Paul! Anything which you think is uneven or unfinished is part of the charm of the artwork. It's alive. :-) x

Neet said...

To be honest I don't see anything wrong with any of your artwork ever. Sometimes (often) we are our own worse critics.
Paul, you encompass so many different styles as you go on your art journey and each one is mastered by your creativity that I look forward to seeing you trying something new . I do miss some of your previous styles and probably the "girlie" side of me is coming out here but I do miss your shabby chic days. That was probably the style of yours I envied most of all, and try as I might I could not replicate. That is not to say I have not enjoyed what you have done since, I love CAS and I am interested in lettering so some of your latest works really do inspire me.
Can see why in the first picture you wanted to use that heart when the red was first done and I just love the shape and the colour combo of the lettering against that background in the second.
I hope you try the evaluation technique I mentioned previously, something I intend to do with my next piece of journaling.
Hugs, Neet xx

olive said...

Paul......that's what journals are for....experimenting. And anyway you know artist never feel they finish anything.xxxxxxxx

alexa said...

So interesting to see you experiment like this - I like the way you outlined the white in black and the black in white :).

Monika Reeck said...

I love them both Paul
the one with red and heart is funtastic combo
and the one with yellow and green its a cherry color
lovely art you made Paul
how are you miss your visit
if you like to visit me I will smile big today..
I will finish my contract of job Dec 2015
feel a bit Blue..sad...
but card making still making me happy
and your visit too hehe
crafty hugs, Monika

Michele said...

I really like what you're doing with your pages - particularly the 'He art' happy accident x